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Chinese Kidney Beans 2012 Crop
Dear Customer,
Thank you very much for your close attention to our company and product.
The new season of Chinese kidney beans is coming. Most of kinds are being harvested gradually. But due to a heavy and continuous rain in the last 20 days in northeast of China, the moisture of LSKB long shape, Cranberry and White Kidney Beans is very high, and the quality is worse than expected before. The shipment of a large quantity of cargos has to be postponed accordingly. Except SWKB Japanese type which has a smaller output, the other kinds like LSKB, Cranberry and navy beans growing in northeast of China have a bigger output this year. As for DRKB harvested in Shanxi, the output is a little bigger and the quality is good. And LSKBRS Xinjiang origin has a good crop as well.
In a word, the market situation is still unstable and unclear for most kinds of beans for the moment, and we expect for a clearer situation after Chinese National Day. If you’re interested in any kind of our products, please feel free to email us so that we’ll introduce more specific information and offer if available for your reference.
Later for a while, we’ll go on updating the market situation of each kind for your information. 

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