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Chinese Kidney Beans 2014 Crop

The new crop of Chinese Kidney Beans is coming very soon. It is expected to be a good crop with a big output, suitable moisture, good color and big size, also a better price. Some early crops are being harvested, while the harvest of the mass crop will be delayed several days because of the rain falling in the farmland. We sort out a brief report about the new crop based on our annual beans conference for your reference:

1. DRKB Shanxi and Northeast origin
The planting area of Shanxi origin increases about 20-30%, because the farmers made good profits from the last several crops. Although the frequent rainfall and hail in the late period results in a loss in some fields. the crop of most fields is still good. The quantity is expected to be above 35,000mt if the weather keeps good till the harvest.
The planting area of Northeast origin is bigger too and its output is around 20,000mt.
2. Baishake: The yield is twice as many as last crop, around 30,000mt.
3. SWKB Japanese type: The yield is not stable due to the degrade and disease of the seeds, and the farmers are losing the interest of planting. The total quantity is exepcted to be 20,000mt, with an average size 360-380/100g.
4. Navy Beans: The quantity is much bigger than last crop, around 55,000mt, since the farmers made good margins last year and plant much more this crop. 
5. Black Beans: The crop is good and the output is around 120,000mt. But some old crop around 25,000mt is left. We're afraid that the mixed crops will still be a problem in the new season.
6. LSKBLS: The planting area is a little bigger, but the yield is much bigger than last crop. This year, we expect to harvest 160,000mt with a size around 200-220/100g.

7. Cranberry Beans: The diseases and pests in the late period affected its yield which is around 40,000mt.
8. LWKB: The planting area is 15% more than last crop, and the output is expected to be 32,000-35,000mt.
9. WKB Spanish type: The planting area increases due to the good margins in the last two crops. We expect to have an output of 22,000mt with an average size around 285/100g.

10.LSKBRS Xinjiang origin: The planting area is close to last crop. The weather in the early stage was bad, but the crop grew well under a good weather in the late period. So the quality is stable and ok. The output is around 15,000-20,000mt.
Hope these information is useful for you. And should you have any inquiry, pls feel free to contact us.

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